Worcester Street Community GardenWorcester Street Community Garden

Welcome to the Garden!

The Worcester Street Community Garden is an enthusiastic gardening community located in Boston's beautiful South End. Our garden has over 100 plots and is all-volunteer managed.

Membership consists of a diverse tapestry of individuals and families with a variety of backgrounds and cultures, ages, abilities and experience. The Garden is open to all Boston residents. Plots are available are on a first come – first served basis.

For more information, refer to the links at the top of this page.

Please feel free to submit ideas and more information on the garden to info@worcesterstreetgarden.org. We are currently looking to build a history of the garden so any input would be great. Thanks!

Flowers at the Worcester Street Community Garden

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Norma Readdy and Barbara Hoffman, Two Matriarchs of the Worcester Street Community Garden

Photos from the July 2013 Garden Gathering

Written By: maniacaladmin | July 14, 2013

This past Wednesday, around two dozen gardeners joined in the monthly garden gathering. This months gathering was featured garden matriarchs Barbara Hoffman and Norma Readdy who shared some interesting stories about the garden's history. Further, Norma shared her collection of articles about the garden that she had collected over the years. It was amazing to see what a rich past our garden has had and inspires even greater pride in being able to … read more

An Obsession with Tomatoes

An Obsession with Tomatos

Written By: Drew Skalaban | April 18, 2013

I have an obsession with tomatoes. Last year 10 tomato plants seemed like enough. I planted my first in late April, a couple in May, and four in late July after the last of my spring crops were picked. By end of the summer I had enjoyed many salads and meals of tomatoes. In late October I had 100s of green tomatoes which I pickled. Luckily I know a thing or two about canning, no botulism here (some of my fellow garden coordinators are living … read more

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